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Video capture - experience

Our video creation and distribution application is compatible with most cams and cameras on market.

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Automatic video creation - memory

Film as you always have and then connect the cameras to a computer, Shared media does the rest.
Shared media quickly processes videos, even large ones, thanks to an advanced hybrid system of image analysis and GPS and IMU data. The Webapp identifies the most relevant sequences from each experience, merges them, and creates an edited video with custom titles, logos, transitions, and music.
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Once ready, the multimedia content is automatically uploaded to the web platform for the distribution of videos and photos

Sharing via the web app is instant and based on a cloud system. This means that digital memories can be purchased by the user directly from the application.
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discover the advantages of using shared media

Save time

The application’s automated system makes and distributes the videos autonomously.

Stand out

Create unique and unique quality photos

Increase visibility

Thanks to the sharing on social networks by users


With direct sales of digital memories to your customers

How does works SHARED MEDIA? Look at the video!

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Distribution is instant and cloud-based: digital memories are accessible via a web platform, which is always accessible and easy to use.

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