Turn your snowy adventures into cash by selling your photos and videos through a single automated platform

Capture the downhill runs and smiles against snowy landscapes.

Shared Media takes care of purchasing and instantly delivering multimedia content to your customers.

The QR Code Revolution

Provide your customer with a personalized code to request their multimedia content


SAVE (and help save) TIME.

Shared Media generates and associates a unique code with a set of photos and videos through code generation.

You are free to communicate and deliver the 6-digit card to your customer as you prefer, whether in pre-printed form via QR with direct access or verbally. You can distribute the content through the prepaid formula or use e-commerce for sales, depending on your business system.

The user can then request their multimedia content in minutes, whenever they want and with just a few clicks from their smartphone, avoiding unwanted files at potential pickup points and allowing the photographer to manage their time and earnings by distributing their work selectively and organized.


Self-service login

efficient, simple and fast.

The application sends the link via email to the customer for direct and immediate access to their digital memories

The customer requests and gets multimedia content through an automatically generated form by the platform.

Shared Media processes the matching between multimedia content and the user based on processed information. For the photographer and/or videomaker, this means having the opportunity to transmit images and videos: When they have time and desire. Directly to the user. With just a few simple clicks. No more waiting in queues at the end of the day or dealing with appointment files. Ski schools and winter outdoor activity centers collaborating with Shared Media have optimized time and human resources management through the web app.


  • Independently creates photos and videos
  • Processes multimedia content quickly, autonomously creating video – stories by inserting music, information (e.g. date, place, temperature) and text.
  • Distributes images and videos directly to the user via a cloud system.

Your customer can download and review the images of their experience from the platform whenever they want. Thanks to the integrated sharing function in the web application, they also have the option to share the content on their social channels, thereby increasing your visibility.

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No more queues at reception at the end of the day! The automated system of the application independently distributes photos and videos

Enhance your customer experience

Provide an innovative and useful service to your customers

Increase your visibility

Thanks to the direct sharing function on social media by users experiencing the content

Increase your income

Expanding the sharing system of multimedia content with direct sales

Build loyal customers

Store contacts and keep in touch with them by creating targeted marketing strategies using the platform data.


Shared media

Capture the experience on video

Film as usual. Our app works with most cams, cameras and smartphones.

Let Shared Media’s AI create, manage and distribute photos and videos for your customers

Automatic and easy creation of video memories

With an advanced hybrid system of image analysis and gps and imu data, Shared Media can quickly process your clips and films.


Easily upload media content to the web platform for photo and video sharing Share instantly via the web app and buy digital memories directly in the app

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