Create, share, and sell
photos and videos automatically

Your customers crave to relive the adrenaline, fun, and excitement of the rafting descent

Organize and archive photos and videos of your rafting adventure.
Quickly and automatically create edited videos and enhanced photos.
Swiftly share images and videos on the web and in the cloud.

Your customer will have the ability to:

Watch the video of the experience as many times as they want.
Receive for free or purchase the media content.
Download the content in high resolution.
Share the content on their social channels with a single click.


Shared media

Play Video

Capture photos and videos of the experience

Work as you always have: no need to change your cameras and methods. SHARED.MEDIA adapts to your workflow.

SHARED.MEDIA manages your media automatically: identifies the best parts of videos, optimizes photos, adds logos and music, and sends them to your clients automatically

Automatic creation of digital memories

Shared Media rapidly processes media created with artificial intelligence, crafts and publishes them in an appealing, personalized, responsive web page with your data


The multimedia content is automatically uploaded to the web platform for sharing. Instant sharing is facilitated. Digital memories are notified to the user via email, WhatsApp, or QR code cards. You can gift or sell them through the integrated e-commerce

About us

About us


The platform's automated features enable one-click creation and distribution of VIDEOS.

Enhance your customer experience

Offer high-quality images and videos to deliver a service of both high economic and marketing value

Increase the visibility of your rafting center

Thanks to user-generated content sharing on social media

Increase your income

Thanks to the sale of digital memories to your customers, on-site or online through integrated e-commerce

Build loyal customers

Emphasize the emotions and thrills of the descent and the quality of the service and content

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