Earn with your images and videos on an automated and integrated platform

Capture and share the perfect moment with Shared Media, the platform that sells and delivers your images and clips in an instant!

The QR Code Revolution

Share a personalized code with your customer for requesting their multimedia content


Optimize your time!

Save and help your clients save with Shared Media, the platform that allows you to sell your photos and videos easily and quickly.
Simply generate a unique code for each set of images and clips and communicate it to your client in the way you prefer: via QR code, card, or verbally.
Your client can access their multimedia content within minutes and with just a few clicks from their smartphone, without waiting or queuing.
You can manage your time and earnings by choosing the payment method that suits your business: prepaid or e-commerce.


Self-Access Login

efficient, simple, and fast

Receive the link via email to access your digital memories immediately

Request and receive your multimedia content with a simple Shared Media form

Shared Media locates multimedia content based on your information.

For photographers and videomakers, this means sending images and videos easily and quickly:

When they have time and desire
Directly to the client
Simply with a click

Forget about queues and reservations!

Outdoor centers (rafting, skydiving, paragliding, acropark, circuit racing), event photographers, and businesses creating adrenaline experiences have saved time and resources with our web app!

Shared Media is the webapp that

  • Creates: Generate photos and videos independently.
  • Makes: Craft video narratives independently by processing your multimedia content in minutes. Add music, information, and text of your choice.
  • Shares: Directly share your images and clips with your client using the Cloud.

Download and review the images of your experience with Shared Media, the platform that lets you share them on your social media in one click, boosting your visibility!

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Save time

Cancel delivery appointments from your schedule!

Our app's automated system independently distributes photos and videos

Create a valuable customers experience

Offer an innovative and useful service to your customers

Promote your business effectively

Boost social media popularity with content shared by your customers!

Increase your income

Share your multimedia content more quickly and efficiently

Build a lasting relationship with your customers

Keep in touch with your customers and create effective marketing campaigns with the platform’s data


Shared Media

Experience video recording

Film the way you like, our app is compatible with most cams, cameras and phones

Create, manage and share photos and videos to your customers with Shared Media’s AI

Automatically create a video memory

Shared Media enables you to quickly process your videos using an advanced hybrid system of images, GPS, and IMU


Upload and share your photos and videos automatically with the web platform Buy digital memories in the app and share them instantly via the web

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