Start the car: SHARED.MEDIA Makes Driving Experiences Unforgettable

Edited videos, reels, shorts, and photos for your clients in a click, seamlessly integrated into your workflow

Our software automatically generates videos in various formats from long and unprocessed media inputs.

The generated media is distributed to your clients via the cloud through a responsive platform.

Data management and publication are in compliance with GDPR regulations, offering various options for publication and privacy

Whether you want to gift, sell on-site, or sell online, SHARED.MEDIA adapts to your model.

Our solution is designed to function seamlessly, regardless of your method of selling multimedia content.

100% customizable: you can choose the number of media outputs, their format, duration, music, and structure. Choose and distribute personalized digital memories for your brand!

An immediately accessible access link for your customers. They can access, view, purchase, download, and share media from any device at any time.

The process is easy and automated; customer contact information can be collected automatically through integration with management systems or the self-login procedure based on QR codes

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Save time

Create and distribute VIDEOs in one click with the platform’s automated features

Enhance your users' experience

Provide high-quality images and videos for a high-impact brand service. No change in your workflow required

Increase your visibility

Thanks to user-generated content sharing on social media.

Increase your income

Thanks to the sale of digital memories to your customers, on-site or online through integrated e-commerce

Build loyal customers

Appeal to emotions, elevate service quality, build customer loyalty to your brand and values


Our software identifies the most relevant sequences in each video and automatically creates video edits with custom titles, logos, transitions, and music… in just minutes!


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