Shared Media

The concept of Shared Media originates from the technological innovation pursuits of Marco and Nicolò, both computer engineers with a passion for the outdoors.
They co-founded the startup StreamOut in 2018 in response to a common need expressed by entities offering “adrenaline-fueled experiences”.

What are the benefits of choosing Shared Media?

Providers of outdoor and adrenaline experiences share a direct connection with the end users who are the protagonists of the adventure

Shared Media revolutionizes the slow and complex manual processes involved in producing and sharing photos and videos by eliminating the need for traditional physical memory devices


Our platform EMPOWERS you to effortlessly generate and acquire photos and videos through the SEAMLESS integration of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technology

Streamlining multimedia content production for ease and sharing is at the core of our mission for partners. We pioneer innovative technological solutions, customizing our offerings to align with the specific needs of collaborating entities. Committed to delivering top-tier, valuable products, we aim to enhance the end-user experience.

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