How to increase the visibility of your business with Shared Media

The Shared Media platform provides the ability for the end user to be able to share photos and videos of their experience with one click, processed and distributed by the platform itself through a cloud system.

To fully understand the power of this valuable Shared Media feature, it’s good to make a basic premise.

The age of images and the power of sharing

Every day thousands of users post photos and videos on their social profiles to show their followers experiences, landscapes, products, reflections, places, transmitting emotions and feelings.

We are officially living in the era of digital communication where social channels, especially those that favor images, are the masters.

The final product of our platform is precisely represented by visual multimedia content. That’s why we immediately asked ourselves how to best integrate the intrinsic power of photos and videos and transform it into an additional service for our customers.

From this reflection was born the sharing function that we have developed for the web app.

This is a service of immense value for the marketing of our clients’ realities, since the sharing on social networks by the users of the experience exponentially increases the visibility of the reality that realizes it.

Accessibility and purchasing decision-making process

By seeing the published content, the followers and friends of the users will become aware of the reality and therefore could turn in turn into potential customers.

One of the greatest strengths of Shared Media is the possibility for the user to find high quality photos and videos ready and available on the platform, which can be published quickly and easily, without wasting time creating content.

In digital marketing, this form of sharing is called User Generated Content and is a highly effective tool for the business involved because, in the logic of the online purchasing decision-making process, the opinion on the experience of a person who has lived it is more reliable than that told by the company itself.

In other words, the friend and/or follower who sees the video or photo of someone they know and/or follow, if they decide to try the experience themselves, will be more influenced by that content rather than by what the company itself promotes in a referential manner.

That’s why, with more than 23,000 publications produced by Shared Media in the last year alone, the sharing on social networks by users of the experience is very useful to increase visibility, brand loyalty and digital word-of-mouth of the businesses we work with.

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