Distribute & sell PHOTOS AND VIDEOS to your adventure center's customer

COLLECT, SHARE AND SELL your media quickly and easily with Shared Media.

Shared Media's algorithm automates the creation, management and distribution of photos and videos to your customers.

Save time

The application’s automated system makes and distributes the videos autonomously.

Stand out

Create high quality photos and videos

Increase visibility

Thanks to the increased media sharing on social networks

Make money

With direct sales of digital memories to your customers


rafting center

Ski school


Speed on Wheels

Acro park

Zip line


Sky diving

Bungee jumping

Theatre and dance school

desktop app shared media

Shared media
takes care of it

  • Quickly process videos and photos
  • Identify the most relevant sequences of each experience and combine them into a video edited with customized titles, logos, transitions and music
  • Upload the content ready for distribution and purchase on the web platform

Take your experiences to another level!

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We have known this service for a couple of years and confirm that it is in continuous development. Every year, opportunities for development and innovations are added. Customer service is really efficient, both over the phone and remotely and personally with the developers. Well done.
Cristina e Vick
Trentino wild
The collaboration with Shared Media brings us a valuable advantage in organizing the recorded memories of our guests. The guys are very precise, their work is perfect and we want to underline their continuous inventiveness and proposition of new ideas, to make our cooperation even more optimal.
Pitlane Red Passion