From virtual reality to automated video creation

From virtual reality to automated video creation

visori per la realtà virtuale grazie alla creazione di video automatizzati

In recent days, Facebook has become Metaverse. This is not a simple name change, but a real revolution of the platform (and of our future), which aims to become a sort of new world. A virtual universe made up of meetings, events, gatherings, gym workouts, films, video games, rafting trips, track races… you name it. How to enter it? Through virtual reality and tailor-made immersive experiences, such as those produced by Wrapping Reality, the start-up created by the fathers of Shared Media that goes hand in hand with the application in terms of creating automated videos.

What is Wrapping Reality

The innovative startup was born in 2016 from the vision ofi Marco and Nicolò, the founders of Shared Media, and third partner Gabriele, their communications engineering partner. The aim is to enter the dimension, at the time acerbic, of virtual reality, in the role of designers and creators of immersive solutions.

Wrapping Reality creates 360° 3D videos and offers immersive experiences using from planning to post production

  • computerised graphic elements
  • Interactive software
  • cutting-edge hardware

In recent years, the company has carried out exciting projects of various kinds, collaborating with many Italian companies, which we mention below as examples of how this new and overwhelming form of technology has been used.


How to use virtual reality for your business: project examples

discesa di downhill

The adrenaline of downhill in virtual reality

This is not science fiction, but the project realized during the 2016 MTB World Championship in Val di Sole thanks to 360° technology.

We’re talking about an exciting first-person descent aboard the bike on the world’s most difficult downhill track.

esperienza elfoslitta con realtà virtuale

ElfoSlide, the cinema in virtual reality 4D

We realized a 360° video in animated computer graphics set in the Municipality of Ossa, faithfully tracing the model of the real terrain.

In this situation the user dressed the role of an elf of Santa Claus intent on the delivery of gifts. The experience of the sleigh flight was made even more immersive thanks to the integration with virtual reality of real “physical” sleigh vibrations and a wind machine, both synchronized with the 360° video.

virtual tour Grotte di Pietrasecca

Virtual tour of Pietrasecca Caves through the use of the Oculus Go viewer

Thanks to this experience we have experienced the educational function of virtual reality. Many school groups were able to visit the deepest unexplored caves, accessible in the “real world” only by expert speleologists.

Virtual showrooms and exhibitions

Connecting to the theme of accessibility, another unique advantage of virtual reality is the possibility for the user to see and be in places that would be unreachable in the real world.

An aspect that translates into all forms of mobility, including those of moving materials and objects, which are very often uncomfortable due to their bulky dimensions. Among the clients of these years, in fact, there have been many companies with whom we have developed virtual reality projects to propose at trade shows: thanks to the visor and the immersive experience, the activities have shown their products to potential customers or exhibited their catalog in a “digital” showroom.

The 360° applied to Shared Media

The possibility for customers to live an experience in its entirety seemed from the beginning an element of great potential for Shared Media’s partners.

The rafting and outdoor centers we collaborate with have been able to create immersive virtual tour experiences to present at trade shows.

Now we can say it: what they called the future only a couple of years ago is already at hand and participating in this process of technological innovation excites us more and more every day.

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