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Everything you need to know about how Shared Media works

How do you implement the platform that automates video and images? Which steps does the partner using the webapp perform? Which ones does the user experience?

Let’s see it together.

Cams and implementation

Digital clips and photos are captured by means of one or more traditional video cameras or multi-sensor cameras for the capture of images and videos at 360 degrees, ideal for increasing the degree of immersiveness and facilitate the task of the guide/operator. In case the company promoting the experience is not equipped with these tools, it will be possible to purchase them thanks to an additional HW package.

During the acquisition, where possible, the acquisition of data such as speed, acceleration, GPS position, lighting conditions is also automated. Other inputs can be provided by customers through the use of mobile software and specific sensors, but are not essential.

The process phase and content creation

In contrast to current manual editing methods, Share Media allows a video of the experience to be created completely automatically. Digital content is produced in a matter of minutes by selecting the highlights of the experience, which are then edited with

  • Music
  • company logo
  • infographics
  • eventual overlay of metadata (e.g. position on map, speed, acceleration) and text (e.g. names of end users, date and place)

Our software is able to generate the content starting from the recordings of cameras and sensors, without the need for human intervention.

For each user experience it is possible to generate multiple media of different size and duration. It is thus possible to accommodate the optimal format of the different social platforms for sharing: horizontal, vertical, square, 30 seconds or 4 minutes… all easily and automatically.

The link for distribution to end users

In a few seconds, the media produced is associated with a link available to the user.

The photos and videos are automatically uploaded to the distribution platform following the automatic processing of the data acquired by the Client.

The link can be provided to the user via email, social networks, sms, whatsapp messages or it can be converted into a QR code and printed on a sticker.

The distribution platform provides:

  • Quick access to content previews
  • The purchase of photos and videos by users
  • The immediate possibility of sharing on social networks
  • The creation of personalized channels for customers
  • Data collection for profiling

The end user accesses his own experience on the distribution platform, as well as the experience shared by friends or promoted by customers who offer activities related to his profiling.



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